I’ve started an art project and launched it on Kickstarter! (It’s a crowdfunding platform and is available at both it’s website and app).

I’ve been immersing myself into the world of coloring books/pages and gotten my hands on working out visuals that are unique – stuff you don’t see anywhere, except from my own imagination haha. I’ve transferred my imagination onto paper.

Here are some of my hand-drawn art works in this coloring pages project:

2-in-1: Serpent’s Ribcage (Portrait View) × Skeleton Fish (Landscape View)
Pirate Whales
3-in-1 Feathered Friend: Ostrich × Flamingo × Peacock

3 demo pages for now. I’m still working on additional pieces for backers that might opt for those rewards. I’ve written down the details in my Kickstarter campaign page. 

Since I’m having loads of fun drawing these hybrid creatures, I want to draw more! And I’d love to get suggestions from you, especially coloring book-lovers! 

I didn’t ask for a hefty sum of funding, since my main aim is to buy more art supplies with those funds and create better quality art for my upcoming art projects. On top of that, I’m running an “only digital downloads” service here so with more funds, physical prints and books will made be possible! I’d love to be able to do that.

Thanks for looking at my campaign and supporting it if you love coloring. Do let your friends who are crazy about coloring know about this theme, maybe they’re into strange creatures like me! Haha.

Nadira Shirlonna


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