So… I’ve claimed a new title, guys.

Oh, how sweet. That dote-on-me relationship with an aged woman who was once just a stranger — or should I say, my ex-colleague, a cute aunty in her 50’s when I met her.

Honestly, my first impression of her was that she’s just a typical grumpy o’lady, with her apparent mood swings that aren’t easy for the weak-hearted :p I kid, she’s tolerable but not many people would be able to fully understand her emotions and that she really doesn’t mean it when she gets emotional over things.

I thought to myself, “Hmm, since I’ll see myself working here and with her for quite some time, why not try to understand her and work alongside her?”

— Challenge accepted. —

Turns out, she’s the one I ended up getting along the most with in the office. And not to mention wise, too. You may argue that it’s due to her age, but I prefer to say that it’s due to her golden character.

I really see her as a motherly figure and she treated me with care & concern. Our conversations would revolve around advises and personal attachments/emotions about life. I still remember her cute chuckles and funny bodily gestures when she expresses her stories. 

“Don’t forget about me”, she’ll say to me, or “I’m afraid you’ll forget about me”, she’ll mumble to herself aloud.

But how can I forget a precious soul like yours? 

Day after day, in between teaching me work-related stuff, she’ll ask how my morning was, how my day before was, and what my plans are for later. Mundane questions, you’d think. She’ll tell me how her morning was, how yesterday had been for her and yup, what her plans are for later. Mundane? Maybe in the moment. But I appreciate her attention towards me.

At a time when I was suffering badly from my gastric pains, I became more attached to my own mother and at work, to her. I felt lucky to have 2 mothers with me. Both cared unconditionally, irregardless of blood ties.

I can’t explain in words what I felt towards my godmother, but I knew I grew attached to her to the point where I cried if I see her being sad/weep. 

People like her ought to be cherished. She is so innocent and that’s what made my heart soften in her presence. She’s full of good intentions and doesn’t lie about her emotions. Thanks partly to her, I grew closer and learned to cherish my own parents much more. 

Although we knew each other for only a brief period, it was worth it. I’ll never forget you godmother, for I’m a memory hoarder — & you’re one of those etched in my mind always. (Love)
P.S. We still keep in touch every now and then, online and offline. 🙂

– Nadira Shirlonna


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