My First Job! (1st week)

*cues rihanna’s song* work work work work work work~

Okay I think this is an achievement for me so I wanna document my job experience down. πŸ™‚

As you might already know, I graduated on May 2016, and from May to September I was unemployed and was not actively seeking for a job – all I wanted to do was indulge in other things that were productive in my definition. And boy did I enjoy those months thoroughly. However, amidst all my enjoyment, I did face some challenges of being unemployed. The eating part and the hanging out with friends part (basically no money means you’re financially handicapped at doing some things).

To add on, some of my goals require capital/financial funding so I decided that having a day job would suffice this need.

So by the end of August I was already sick of the lack of freedom to do things that money allows, so I started to apply for jobs online. I went a lil crazy with it – I did the “spray and pray” method where I sent my resumes to as many sites as possible and wait.

Naturally that method only gave poor results; only about 3 companies called me. I went for 1 interview but rejected their offer. Just FYI, I applied for Human Resources entry level position (1st priority), followed by admin position.

I rejected the job offer as the location was inconvenient and it was only a 2 months contract. So nahhh – Next please!

To my dismay, weeks went by and there was no response from other companies. I grew even more desperate by then. But one fine day…

*phone rings*

“Hello, is that Nur Nadira?”
“Yes, I’m speaking.”
“Hi, I’m your course manager from NYP and from your graduation survey you indicated that you’re currently looking for a job. Are you still looking for one?”

To cut the story short, thanks greatly to him, I ended up getting a job through his recommendation. I. WAS. SO. HAPPY!


Date of commencement: 03 October 2016

I’m currently working under Logistics sector, which is different from my major (business/HR), but I’m open to learning because logistics is an integral part in business operations as well, so why not?

I have to say, after working for a week there, I like the environment and people. Of course, I couldn’t say more since I’ve only been there for a week, but so far so good. The only thing that poses a huge challenge for me is the timing – it starts at 8am and considering where I live, it’s pretty tough being punctual, but I’m trying my best. (Whew!)

I like the fact that I was given a full time permanent position, and an awesome buddy/partner to teach me about my tasks. The other colleagues are friendly, too – even the manager. Quoting him, “I want to treat everyone here as a family, and enjoy coming to work everyday.” Well, that should ring a promising bell, right?

Now here comes the fun moments during my first week of work! Hehe.

#1: I’m the youngest and TINIEST person in my workplace. They had a hard time finding uniforms of my size, safety vest and boots of my size. Their size XS was already big for me so I helplessly drowned like a kid in them. Oh well haha.

#2: Each time someone passes a dirty comment/joke, the manager would say, “Shush, she’s underage!”, referring to me. But… but… I’m TWENTY-TWO! He went on to say that because I’m not married yet, I’m still underage to him. Lel okay, if you insist.

#3: I was brought for a mini tour around other departments nearby by one of my colleagues, and she introduced me to almost everyone she knew. I got asked questions like, “Are you a local?” “You look so young!! How old are you?” “Are those your real eyes?” “Wanna work here instead?” Lolol. But they were all so friendly. I loved the tour.

#4: This is the first place where the people called me by my first name, “Nur”. Usually I’m being called “Nadira”. So I needed to get used to it. But I soon realized that one of my colleagues pronounces my name as “No”, so I thought I’d suggest some other names to call me.

1st day of work: “Yeah, Nur is fine.”
2nd day of work: “Actually you can call me Dira if you want.”
3rd day of work: “Hmm you know what, just call me Nad.”

(Nadira is how my teachers or authority figures would address me. Dira is how my parents and relatives address me, and Nad is how my friends address me. So I prefer Nad – it gives a friendly vibe.)

#5: I like how jokes are being shared daily by my colleagues. The fact that we can joke around with the manager makes me feel more comfortable, plus the ease of mobility – not having myself chained to my desk allows me to be able to complete my tasks more willingly and efficiently.

I know that the first few weeks and months are usually honeymoon-like, and the real work and other pressures will kick in the longer I work there. I hope that I’ll be mentally ready and strong to face and overcome them, and that my enthusiasm of looking forward to going to work remains the same or only amplifies in time.

I recently met up with my best friend, Tea, (that’s my loving nickname for her haha) and I realized that we can only meet up on Fridays/weekends when we’re free. Guess that’s how work is – time management will only get more importantΒ after this.

I hope to be able to improve on my health since I’ll be able to feed myself now. Furthermore,Β I want to contribute positively to my job – ideas/solutions perhaps. Since this is my first job, I’m going to have the mindset that I’m a sponge (absorbing as much as I can and letting out good things in return). Actually I’ll always be a sponge in life because I don’t know everything anyway.

So that’s it! My positive recount of my job experience.

Post Scriptum: This is for you, family, Mum & Dad. I wanna make you both happy and proud. In Shaa Allah πŸ™‚


Nadira Shirlonna



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    1. Shirlonna says:

      It’s been good thus far! Thanks for asking btw, I hope all’s good on your side too! πŸ™‚


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