Inspiration – Pass it on

Guess what – this post happened through inspiration itself. From someone that came across my mind.


And yeah, this idea hit me at (you guessed it): 4am-ish.

I was thinking of someone, and one person led to another. Soon, I found myself smiling widely. The string of people that appeared in my mind all had one common thing: they inspire me.

They inspire me to be better; in terms of character, skills, self-esteem, happiness, and heaps of other good things. And no, not all of them are of whom I’m close to. Heck, for a few, we don’t even know each other personally. Those said few are people that I admire (from afar), but never got a chance to get to know personally for some reasons.

Despite that, I chose to see the goodness in them, the positive aura, vibes, energy and feelings they give me. Each of them are unique in their own contributions. Boy, am I lucky to have them as my sources of inspiration.

For one, I admire his confidence; his ability to speak his mind, be his silly self and in encouraging others. For another, I admire his social intelligence; it seems like everyone loves him, his huge heart and contagious kindness that emanates from his smile.

And the rest, in their own ways. And all these bits of inspirational factors weren’t even imposed unto me, I am the one that have so willingly chosen to extract them out of an individual and use them as a means of bettering myself. Goes to show how inspiration works in interesting ways. (Credits to those people whom have unknowingly contributed to shaping me to who I am today.)

And that has got me thinking. Have I been an inspiration to anyone? Even in the slightest bit? I so wish I had/am. (But I know I’m working on that!)

The simple message that I wanna imply is that if you’ve received thanks from people who told you that you’ve inspired them somehow, then continue doing what you do. You never know who are in need of help/advice/motivation and if they were to stumble upon you. Which is one of the many reasons why your existence on this Earth is important.

You could be the reason why someone is smiling instead of crying at 2am, or the motivation for someone to set their alarm with hopes in their hearts instead of dreading tomorrow, or even the savior in disguise for someone who is suffering from a heartache.

If you’re good in words/writing, then do that, & pass it on.
If you’re good in character, then you keep doing you, & pass it on.
If you’re good in whatever, then go help others, & pass it on.

May we all be an inspiration to each other.
Inspire before you expire.


Nadira Shirlonna



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  1. avinamdar says:

    Lovely post, Spread the love 🙂


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