4 a.m.’s as of late

I open my eyes; it’s 4 in the morning. “Ayy”, says Mother Nature.

Yeap. Mother nature calls, as usual, and I attend to it. Sometimes it’s 5 or 6am – time varies, but the purpose of waking up remains the same.

(There, I documented a rather not-so-glamorous fraction of my morning routine. But fret not, this post isn’t dedicated to my interactions withΒ mother nature, heh.)

I have to admit, my brain works in mysterious ways sometimes (or maybe most), because it is at this godly hour that I’ll find myself lying down/sitting on my bed, with eyes wide open, and when my mind suddenly becomes activated with thoughts of many sorts. It’s like there’s an invisible switch in my head – and trust me, brilliant ideas and words start dancing around my head, forming a story/theory/deep reflection for me. It is odd, but I somehow like it.

Not so much with the timing, though. When I so thought of re-visiting dreamland, my mind chooses “thinking-land” instead. Pretty interesting.

And so, not to miss out on this opportunity – yes, an opportunity is what I’d like to deem it fit as – I quickly jot down those thoughts into words on my phone’s note pad. I realize that my brain worked so much better in that craft at that time, and it’s pretty neat how the habit of jotting down has effectively reminded me of those things for a later time. Where does all that pretty pieces of information go to? Well, some go to this blog, others onto my other works – offline and online.

I only started this habit of jotting down a few months back, really recent. And I regret not doing this years ago. Bummer. For what it’s worth, I’ve lost on so much of those thoughts in yester-years and I so wish I could re-think of them again. I love documenting & sharing my ideas/thoughts/ramblings, so I guess it’s only natural to feel rueful about this.

As I’m typing this, I’m mildly headbanging (& heavily heartbanging) to Partynextdoor’s and Arctic Monkey’s, oh how I wish WordPress would foresee a music inclusion in blogs in the future. Me and music have to be together. Haha. Well, at least that’s what I’d desire for. #musicfordays

A little rambling; musing managed. Nothing fancy, this post. Just in the mood for some. Ya feel?


Nadira Shirlonna



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