22 years old (Happy Bornday to me!)

I age on every 29 August.

And this year, I  turn 22. I am truly grateful for all the amazing years I’ve lived through to this day.

I dedicate this post primarily to myself, with credits to my Creator, my family, my circle of close friends and people who have helped me in small or big ways who have parted in their own ways.

If I see myself keeping up with this blog for a long, long time, which I think I will, then I’ve decided on making a list of things that I wish to speak about, with accordance to my age number.

Here’s my list of 22 things of embracing 22 (not in order):

  1. To be more genuinely happy.
  2. To be myself.
  3. Achieve something.
  4. Help more, to the best that I can.
  5. Be a better individual.
  6. Be a better Muslim, daughter, sister, friend.
  7. Save up.
  8. Travel, with my own money.
  9. Make more use of my skill(s)/talent(s).
  10. Network with others.
  11. Keep myself fit & healthy (healthier lifestyle)
  12. Treat my family.
  13. Treat ma self. Haha okay this goes without saying :p
  14. Start a convo if I want one (Bye, shyness!)
  15. Invest.
  16. Read more (Also goes without saying since I’m a bookworm)
  17. Develop at least one more skill and be good at it.
  18. Research more on my religion.
  19. Research more on anything, really. Especially relevant & important stuff.
  20. Improve bonds with my family members and friends.
  21. Be more involved in things, especially those which I like.
  22. GROW, GLO UP, EVOLVE. (Spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically. Hehehe)

Of course, I’d love to add on to that list but 22 is 22. I’ll get to add on to my list every year 🙂 (In Shaa Allah)


I know that 22 is a time frame where I’m definitely still naive, clueless, fresh to mistakes and inexperienced in many things. And I’m actually super excited looking forward to life itself. I’m like a sponge, ready to absorb whatever experience I will encounter and learn as many things as possible.

If only I was this excited when I was younger, boy would I do things differently! But that’s the nature and beauty of growing up, isn’t it? You mature day by day, you stumble a lot along the way, and you get to look back at your life one day. Even at 22 right now, I look back at my life often, but I also have my goals to keep me looking forward.

Honestly, 10 years back or so, I imagined the 20 something year old me differently…

I imagined myself in a nice home, in a university, and have all the clothes and things I want. I’m smiling as I’m typing this. How cute my kiddish thoughts were. But life isn’t a fairytale, is it?

I’m still very proud of who I’ve become today, my current living conditions and what I have/what I don’t have. I’m extremely thankful for everything and for everything else that life has yet to offer. Alhamdulillah 🙂

Being a lil teary eyed,  I promise myself this: I’ll never go to the grave without living my purpose, realizing my potential and contribute to bettering this world.

I seek my strength, put my beliefs, my soul and my trust in you, dear Allah.

May we meet again, at age 23 and beyond. (So deep, right? HAHA)


Nadira Shirlonna 


Seize, In Your Time

Time is meant to pass, not stick around for too long.

Years will pass. You can bet everyone’s lives on that. And what’s left will be you looking over those years and decide for yourself whether or not you’ve lived your life to the fullest, be truly happy, achieved anything, etc.

Time is ticking even as we speak. So if you don’t consider this to be resourceful or worthy of your time then do yourself a favor.

After reading this, go and do something. Something worthwhile in your definition. Make yourself more happy, achieve that small or big goal you’ve always wanted to. Verily, time waits for no man.

You either make time your best friend, or your enemy. (Hopefully it’s the former for you!)

So stop waiting, stop wasting. Time and life are both way too precious to let slip away just like that. Don’t let your dreams go to the grave with you.


Nadira Shirlonna

//photo courtesy of artist Salvador Dali

Inspiration – Pass it on

Guess what – this post happened through inspiration itself. From someone that came across my mind.


And yeah, this idea hit me at (you guessed it): 4am-ish.

I was thinking of someone, and one person led to another. Soon, I found myself smiling widely. The string of people that appeared in my mind all had one common thing: they inspire me.

They inspire me to be better; in terms of character, skills, self-esteem, happiness, and heaps of other good things. And no, not all of them are of whom I’m close to. Heck, for a few, we don’t even know each other personally. Those said few are people that I admire (from afar), but never got a chance to get to know personally for some reasons.

Despite that, I chose to see the goodness in them, the positive aura, vibes, energy and feelings they give me. Each of them are unique in their own contributions. Boy, am I lucky to have them as my sources of inspiration.

For one, I admire his confidence; his ability to speak his mind, be his silly self and in encouraging others. For another, I admire his social intelligence; it seems like everyone loves him, his huge heart and contagious kindness that emanates from his smile.

And the rest, in their own ways. And all these bits of inspirational factors weren’t even imposed unto me, I am the one that have so willingly chosen to extract them out of an individual and use them as a means of bettering myself. Goes to show how inspiration works in interesting ways. (Credits to those people whom have unknowingly contributed to shaping me to who I am today.)

And that has got me thinking. Have I been an inspiration to anyone? Even in the slightest bit? I so wish I had/am. (But I know I’m working on that!)

The simple message that I wanna imply is that if you’ve received thanks from people who told you that you’ve inspired them somehow, then continue doing what you do. You never know who are in need of help/advice/motivation and if they were to stumble upon you. Which is one of the many reasons why your existence on this Earth is important.

You could be the reason why someone is smiling instead of crying at 2am, or the motivation for someone to set their alarm with hopes in their hearts instead of dreading tomorrow, or even the savior in disguise for someone who is suffering from a heartache.

If you’re good in words/writing, then do that, & pass it on.
If you’re good in character, then you keep doing you, & pass it on.
If you’re good in whatever, then go help others, & pass it on.

May we all be an inspiration to each other.
Inspire before you expire.


Nadira Shirlonna


4 a.m.’s as of late

I open my eyes; it’s 4 in the morning. “Ayy”, says Mother Nature.

Yeap. Mother nature calls, as usual, and I attend to it. Sometimes it’s 5 or 6am – time varies, but the purpose of waking up remains the same.

(There, I documented a rather not-so-glamorous fraction of my morning routine. But fret not, this post isn’t dedicated to my interactions with mother nature, heh.)

I have to admit, my brain works in mysterious ways sometimes (or maybe most), because it is at this godly hour that I’ll find myself lying down/sitting on my bed, with eyes wide open, and when my mind suddenly becomes activated with thoughts of many sorts. It’s like there’s an invisible switch in my head – and trust me, brilliant ideas and words start dancing around my head, forming a story/theory/deep reflection for me. It is odd, but I somehow like it.

Not so much with the timing, though. When I so thought of re-visiting dreamland, my mind chooses “thinking-land” instead. Pretty interesting.

And so, not to miss out on this opportunity – yes, an opportunity is what I’d like to deem it fit as – I quickly jot down those thoughts into words on my phone’s note pad. I realize that my brain worked so much better in that craft at that time, and it’s pretty neat how the habit of jotting down has effectively reminded me of those things for a later time. Where does all that pretty pieces of information go to? Well, some go to this blog, others onto my other works – offline and online.

I only started this habit of jotting down a few months back, really recent. And I regret not doing this years ago. Bummer. For what it’s worth, I’ve lost on so much of those thoughts in yester-years and I so wish I could re-think of them again. I love documenting & sharing my ideas/thoughts/ramblings, so I guess it’s only natural to feel rueful about this.

As I’m typing this, I’m mildly headbanging (& heavily heartbanging) to Partynextdoor’s and Arctic Monkey’s, oh how I wish WordPress would foresee a music inclusion in blogs in the future. Me and music have to be together. Haha. Well, at least that’s what I’d desire for. #musicfordays

A little rambling; musing managed. Nothing fancy, this post. Just in the mood for some. Ya feel?


Nadira Shirlonna


Is this world a good place?

Of course, good or bad, we have no choice but to live on this planet. But given what we know (and have yet to know), what can we do to make our lives “good”?

Considering the fact that none of us knows every single thing about life – the universe, our planet, histories, conspiracy theories, meaning of life & death, ourselves, others, plus SO MANY OTHER THINGS that we don’t fully know of. And I don’t think anyone will ever know ALL of life’s contents no matter how much they try to study/learn about them. (I’ll elaborate about this paragraph in another post!)

Right now there are political issues – some governments and citizens are at a state of unrest, there are armed conflicts happening between different nations/states/groups and it doesn’t help when the bloodshed situations seem to have no end, too.

Racism hasn’t been eliminated yet, education systems aren’t well suited to people’s best interests/learning abilities, and if we look at each individual, the majority of us are not living to our highest potential yet. We keep talking about “change” or painting “a new world” but the progress is far from that ideal position.

But who am I to complain? And what am I to do? I’m simply a resident on Earth who is trying her best to contribute to making those above mentioned words closer to reality – “change” and “a new world.”

Forget our future children’s lives, our own lives are still uncertain. But of course, as I’d like to believe, not all are lost. No matter how bad this world might be, it still has hope. Maybe not soon, maybe it won’t even be perfect, but good is everywhere – whether in the news or not. There are people who strive for greatness in humankind and the world.

With all the increasing number of new things making their appearances such as Pokemon Go, new inventions, newly found research, etc, I reckon we will keep seeing (positive/negative) changes in things and people. But all in all, despite the current happenings and/or distractions, I hope we still aim to achieve the meaningful things in life and be human, be aware/awake and save what we can.


Nadira Shirlonna




Poetry: You Are Enough

Don’t let others tell you that
You’re not good enough
Not even yourself
Especially not yourself

Because you are enough,
and special,
and nothing lacking thereof
You are worth more than you think

Even if you keep failing;
You may not have the looks,
the skills, the money, the fame,
Even if you may not have anything to offer

My dear, best believe me,
It’s all in your head

Come over here,
Let me tell you what you are

You are capable
You have potential
You have a mind and a heart,
You have a soul

You are unique
There’s no one like you
You see, you feel and you think of things differently
And no one can take those from you

Not even yourself,
Especially not yourself

So be yourself
For you are the universe

My love, you are enough.


Nadira Shirlonna


If you’re interested, I recommend this book of poetry by Rupi Kaur: Milk and Honey, where it is a collection of experiences pertaining to violence, abuse, love, loss, and femininity.