Taking Risks

There’s an old adage that goes, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

This saying has been around for centuries and have been instilled in the minds of our grandparents – some even to our parents. And of course, what a parent knows, they tend to teach them to their young. While that adage may be a safe sanctuary to some, it may not be a desired route for others.

There are some individuals out there who have challenged this advice and did just the opposite – They took risks. They gave everything they’ve got because they believed that they have nothing to lose. And they remain focused till they get what they were aiming for.

Some of whom are self-made millionaires, some quit their jobs to travel the world, some decided to move to a rainforest and build their own functional treehouses, away from the city’s bustling nature, some set up a recycling movement to help build homes for the homeless and the less fortunate, and so on and so forth.

I’d be lying if I say that I’m not inspired.

Like some others, I come from an average household, and have learned to live without many things. Some things would be regarded as a luxury for me, and while all my other peers have them, I learned to live without those things.

But what I do have, though, are my goals and dreams that have been developed around my family’s experiences and struggles, as well as through witnessing what is happening to the less fortunate & innocent people around the world. Because of my goals and dreams, I keep going strong at making myself be constantly motivated to achieve them. (Slowly, but surely.)

And that would involve taking risks. I’m aware that some of the risks are not going to be small or easy. They can be energy-draining, time-consuming and requires consistent effort. But that is exactly what I’m willing to put in – and be devoted to. I acknowledge that my goals have become one of my biggest priorities in my life.

I used to be afraid of taking risks, but my mindset changed when I introduced myself to some really powerful books – which encompasses the untapped human potential in us, taking control of our lives and situations, as well as to not be afraid of failure and of fear itself. Instead, let failure be a motivation to succeed. Fear, on the other hand, has never been helpful anyway, and you can choose to rise above it, overcome it and strive for what you want.

I write this in hopes that our dreams, accompanied with brave actions will determine a fruitful learning journey in our pursuits, and eventually towards success. 🙂


Nadira Shirlonna


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