1st, 2nd, 4th Syawal 2016 – Eid Celebrations

(Corresponding dates: 060716, 070716, 090716 of Syawal)

It’s that time of the year again; the month of Syawal on the Islamic calendar, a.k.a. Eidul Fitri period where Muslims commemorate this month as reward of fasting during Ramadhan. (fasting month) Let’s give this month a warm welcome, as how we’d welcome the feet that step into our homes.

The usual activities that ensue will include asking for forgiveness, the visiting of relatives’ homes, and returning to respective hometowns to visit parents. (This may not be the same for every Muslim, as everyone undergoes different things in life.)

For my part, I do the above mentioned hustle and bustle, and am grateful to be able to meet most of my relatives this year with my family. Though, I regret having missed the chance to visit some of them – mainly due to a clash of clans – I mean plans. Hahaha.

But I guess it’s partly because the itinerary that was being prepared was packed with as many houses as we could “fit”, hence not allowing for any more houses to be dropped by. On the 4th Syawal itself, the whole visiting ended past midnight. But it’s okay, I’ll make the effort to visit those people either for the remaining weeks of Syawal or next year(s), In Shaa Allah.

Nonetheless, below is a mini gallery of my relatives and of yours truly for all three days!

1st Syawal’s outift: Black
With my bro
2nd Syawal’s oufit: Red (Firebender haha)
Grp pic at my uncle’s house
4th Syawal’s outfit: Red again (Pakistani blouse)
Grp pic: Males
Grp pic: Females

For the most part, I enjoyed being in their company, the jokes cracked, the chatters, the smiles and the good vibes being spread around. I have cousins who are already mums/dads, and meeting their babies was a joy. (You can see 3 of them in the last 2 pics above) Soooo cute, I love all of them! *heart eyes*

I hope to also be able to meet those distant relatives that I probably have not met at all or only met when I was a baby. I tend to take these “meetings” quite seriously, because I’d like it if my families get together and know about each other, keep in contact and be merry.

As per my outfits, I have been wanting for so long to be able to don on a full Pakistani suit from head to toe, or better still, a Pakimanese (Pakistani x Malay x Chinese combined) outfit- alongside my whole family. I just want to be able to be in touch with my roots by being able to wear what Pakistanis and/or the Chinese wear (in terms of design) on special occasions, so having that wish fulfilled would be nice. I’d want to make that wish come true one day, hehe.

Last but not least, thank you for reading & I wish you readers out there (especially the ones who are celebrating it) a very happy Eidul Fitri!  🙂

Post Scriptum: Amidst all these happy moments, let’s not forget to spare a thought, a minute, a duaa for the ones who are not as fortunate to celebrate Eid &/ Ramadhan this year. May humanity progress for the good, may the souls find peace in these harsh times, and may Allah s.w.t. help them & save us all. Ameen.


Nadira Shirlonna


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  1. ATF says:

    Family is most importent for big wish, so keep loving to your FAMILY LOVE 🙂

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