Post Ramadhan


06 June 2016 (Monday) – 05 July 2016 (Tuesday)

The auspicious month in Islam. Holy, beautiful and meaningful all in one, this is a period which comes with tremendous blessings, especially to those who practice religious acts during this month.

The older I get, the more I feel the importance of this month, and the more I want to make full use of it to become a better Muslim. Of course, this intention should not be limited to just this month, but for the rest of the months and years in my life.

Ramadhan 2016 has been a better one for me as compared to 2015‘s mainly because I did not fast during that year. I had (and still has) hiatal hernia and GERD, but the pain I experienced last year was terrible. Too painful till I had to opt for eating as per normal, a.k.a. not fasting at all. I hated not fasting, though. Apart from the stares that I got from the Malay stall owners when I order food, I felt bad inside as not being able to participate in fasting.

It really hurt me – much more than the gastric did. It hurt…. my soul.

So this year I told myself that I’ll fast by hook or by crook, unless I suffer too much. Thankfully, I disciplined myself in taking care of food restrictions, and equipped myself with knowledge of my condition and took actions to ease the pain. Alhamdulillah, I am able to fast for the most part. (I missed 4 days of fasting due to high fever.)

I still have yet to practice other religious acts, but In Shaa Allah I will start doing them. Slowly, but surely. I want to do them correctly, hence I’ll seek as much knowledge as I can prior.

Ramadhan 2016 had also been an emotional period for my relatives in Malaysia. They lost both their parents. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi ra ji’un. It must be really hard for the children. I can only imagine how they must have felt and are coping with it now. I pray that they will be granted with good things and blessings amidst what had happened. They are strong people – that I am sure of.

One thing that I love about this year’s Ramadhan was that my family bonded better. I saw improvements in our treatments with each other and through our communication. I hope that I can contribute to making everything much better for my family in due time.

To all Muslims around the world, let’s aim to be better individuals & Muslims and do as much as we can for our religion and for humanity. Amin. Have a happy Eidul Fitri to you! Salam Mubarak, 🙂

Nadira Shirlonna


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