Matter in Question – Marriage (Part 2)

“I’m not afraid of getting married. I’m afraid of getting married to the wrong person.

To continue from Part 1 of this topic/blog post, here’s the second part of it. Part 2 will mainly be about the reasons why I don’t think I’ll be married anytime soon – maybe later, but definitely not soon.

I’ll just lay out the basic reasons, though. The more prominent ones, I’d say.

Reason 1: I want to stabilize my life first.
Stability. This can be arguable with some, but I feel strongly for this reason because I know damn well how my current living condition is like – what I’m going through and what my priorities are. I want to be committed in making my life proper first before committing myself to another individual. I don’t wish to be a burden to him, because I know that I’m not easy to be with in terms of quite a number of things – financial matter being the biggest cause. (I’m not complaining about my life, though hahaha.)

Reason 2: I want to focus on my priorities.
Goals & dreams, family, religion, self-improvement. (Not in order). I can safely say that having a lifetime partner is not of a huge priority for now. Keywords: for now. This doesn’t mean that I don’t care about my love life at all. I do. Just not for now. I have a lot of improvements to make for myself and my family. This is tied with reason number 1.

Reason 3: I’m not ready for a full-time commitment yet.
Okay I’m starting to think all my points are like repeated but just rephrased lmao. I’m not ready because I believe that a relationship/marriage is undoubtedly a lifetime commitment. I want to be 100% committed to my future spouse. Right now, I can only give like…. 30-40% commitment? This is not because I prefer flings or such. Haha hell no. I’m not ready because of Points 1 and 2……. hehe.

Reason 4: I haven’t met the right one yet.
Cliche level 9999. But it’s also the truth level 9999 too. At least for me. This one is definitely arguable. I guess what I wanna imply is that I haven’t met the one that I love deeply for and that loves me deeply too, the one that fits me as my partner and that I fit into his life as his partner as well. I believe you can tell when you’ve met the one. And I haven’t felt that yet. Maybe someday I will?

Basically to sum it all up, I’m not ready because I want to stabilize my life first and concentrate on my priorities before being committed to a married life. I’m pretty sure that many others share the same viewpoint as I do in this. Especially if you’re just in your early 20’s. I can’t say the same for all, though. Everyone has their own personal reasons that are unique to themselves.

To conclude this simple 2-parts post, I have roughly made plans for myself and I’m still figuring my life out. Marriage is not a game; it takes two fully committed and ready souls who will be spending their lifetimes together. And I want to make sure that I am fully ready and able to commit before jumping into the “marriage bandwagon.”

“Ask for things only when you’re ready to receive it.”

Heck how true that sentence is. For the single readers, I wish that you’d find someone you can fully connect with and may your lives be filled with sincere love, as I’d wish for myself 🙂


Nadira Shirlonna 




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  1. ATF says:

    i m also love to my mother, I LOVE my mom, is best mother in the world. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shirlonna says:

      Good to know 🙂


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