Taking Risks

Don’t be the person saying, “If only I can rewind time, I’d do those things I’ve always wanted to do.”

Letting Go: Difficult But Worth It

Heartbreaks are inevitable, especially when you had deep feelings for someone. But letting go is an important process that will only help us tremendously.

Poetry: Parents

The two people in the world that I dedicate my whole life to; My life’s mission is just for you, Mum and Dad. I love you both forever.

Poetry: Self-Love

“The only person who is capable of fully loving you is yourself.”

Of Abundance & Effort

“You never know unless you try.” If the things you want are in abundance, what’s stopping you from getting them?

Passion & Hustle

I see you got that thirst for your achievement(s). Time to hustle? I hear you.

Post Ramadhan

The holy month for Muslims has come to an end for 2016. Here’s my brief #Ramadhan2016 experience 🙂