Perth Immersion Trip (210316-250316)


Take me back to Perth, please… I miss it terribly.

Not just the beautiful and breathtaking sceneries, but also the weather, the memories and especially the people. There in the photo above is me; enjoying the breeze on the rock near Fremantle Beach. The serenity — how I miss it.

I know there are definitely others out there who were probably not blessed to have an enjoyable vacation/trip to Perth; I don’t want to lay this post out as a “one size fits all” kind of experience. For those whom did not really have a pleasant time in Perth, I hope you find that lost satisfaction in your next visit(s). As for me, I’m grateful that I had a tremendously beautiful experience there and I wish to document it here as well as share it with others 🙂

This immersion trip was organized by none other than my school (Nanyang Polytechnic) with the support of two awesome teachers (Mr. Eugene & Mr. Jay.) It was during the week of 21 March 2016 to 25 March 2016. I reckoned there were 30 students that went altogether – a mixture from different classes so it was fun to be able to mingle around.

I had a few of my classmates that went & I’m honestly so glad we went. We instantly assigned who our sleeping partners would be during our stay at Perth’s travel lodge.
(Okay, sleeping partners sounds wrong HAHA but you get the idea.)


(I’m on the left of the pic) This is my beautiful partner, Zoeline, whom I spent most of the time with there. Yup, my “sleeping partner” hahaha! (Please pardon the mischievous little zit on my forehead.) I’m glad to be able to get to know her more through this trip. It was a breeze being with her – we got along well. Overall, I enjoyed her company 🙂

My clique in Perth took several group photos together, below is just one of them. (I’m on the far left in blue, in case you’re wondering.)


The whole squad of us (33/33: 30 students + 2 teachers + 1 tour guide Mr. Kelly) assembled first at Singapore Changi Airport at 5am-ish. I’m not gonna go into the full details here, but just the key moments haha. Here’s our group photo!


#NYPSBMrepresent #PerthSquad #Ayyy

Once we arrived in Perth, that’s it. The Nadira in me just went wild. Forget wide-eyed, I was humongous-eyed lmao. I took in everything – the fresh air, the sight, pictures, people, EVERYTHING. I was like a little kid but I maintained my image by not jumping around haha.

The places we visited throughout the trip consisted of universities, companies, shopping malls, eating places, a beach, and sort of like a flea market for tourists. On my own, I sneakily went to my uncle’s house and Hillary’s Boat Harbour with his family. Whoop whoop for my “bravery” because that was honestly one of the best decisions I’ve made there. I enjoyed myself thoroughly even for a brief period with my relatives. You can say I maximized my Perth trip by being a sneaky lil mouse haha. NO RAGRETS.

Aunt and Uncle

Me with my aunt, uncle, and their daughter (my cousin). Such lovely people. I have to admit, I loved their hospitality and characters, they really reminded me of my own family! The other people who were not inside these pics made my trip a lot better, too. From my friendly cousins to her adorable children. Also the gifts they gave me – thankful for them. I wanna make sure that one day my whole family is able to visit them in Perth. In Shaa Allah.

As I mentioned earlier, the places that we visited were (not in order):

  • Curtin University
  • University of Western Australia
  • Fremantle Beach
  • King’s Park
  • Bankwest company
  • Optus company and outlet
  • Garden City Shopping Mall
  • Caversham Wildlife Park
  • Other places that I can’t really recall the names

Just to give credits, one of the people that were involved very briefly but did an amazing job was Nick (Nicholas Tan), who works at Curtin (if I got that info right). He was helpful in providing info about Curtin University, and tagged along during our shopping hops with our teachers. He’s just a very nice and genuine person. Kudos to your hospitality, Nick! 🙂  (He’s in black and he can’t really be seen in the pic below, but meh)


Overall, I’d rate my Perth trip experience 8.5/10. Too high for a first time visit? Would be higher if the visit was longer… *wink* I’d probably rate it higher if I went with my own family or friends.

I won’t wanna make this post too long, so I’d bring it to an end here. It’ll be super lengthy if I were to go on any further. The full album of the other pictures are in my Facebook, anyway. Let the details rest in my memories and of those who were with me. Once in a while I’ll find myself having a shut eye and just reminiscing my wonderful time in Perth.


To many more beautiful, memorable and meaningful overseas trips/visits in the future 🙂

Nadira Shirlonna


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  1. mb says:

    I love Perth in western Australia, its so pretty!!

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    1. Shirlonna says:

      I totally agree with you!

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