Get it? ConGRADulations is simply congratulations + graduation combined! Haha

Alright so this will be an extremely delayed post about my graduation ceremony. The actual date of the ceremony was….. 09 May 2016. (Oops!)  It’s been more than a month. How time flies.

To think that 3 years would not come so soon, I was proven wrong. Dead wrong. More so when my biological clock is ticking even quicker now, this graduation has served as a huge slap on my face. I really should have appreciated the time and be fully involved in those moments, but instead I dreaded school everyday and did not really find much enjoyment/happiness there. Despite that, I don’t think I’d wanna rewind the time to start my school life all over again, I’m already super contented at where I’m at now 🙂

Okay so a little background: I graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic in Singapore – School of Business Management (SBM) in which I was enrolled in a dual-specialization course: Entrepreneurship & Human Resources Management. I have to admit though, I enjoy those two courses and their concepts. I myself aspire to be an entrepreneur one day. Being in the HR sector probably won’t be that bad, too, considering the fact that I have not much qualms when it comes to interacting with new people.

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(#classof2016) x (Thanks for the memories)

Above is a slideshow of my classmates, friends and myself during the graduation ceremony. There are more pics tho, but I only handpicked the collaged ones where they encompass most of the necessary people that were present on that day.

Now, more than a month later, I’m sitting at home with a Diploma certificate. I remember vividly about the period where I was in a huge dilemma about wanting to choose between pursuing a degree or to work first. The thing that was stopping me so much was my age. I kept comparing the two options and imagining myself at a certain calculated age doing either one of the two things.

I found myself pondering over questions repeatedly. My mind was in a frenzy. “Will I be too old for this?” “4 years is a longggg time. I’ll be 26 by then omg” “If I study first, I wouldn’t have any money in my bank account by the time I graduate” “Should I just wait until a prince come along and make a marriage proposal to me?”

Okay the last one was a joke haha. But I came to terms with the unnecessary fear of my age. I mean, I’m going to age anyway no matter what I do. I then decided to let go of that fear. After asking around for opinions and advises, I finally came to a conclusion which I won’t regret. That decision is to make money first for a period of 4 years, and afterwards pursue my degree(s) & whatnot. I made that sound decision with a lot of confidence as it is tied very closely with my beliefs, my self education and my vision/goals that I have for myself.

So now as I’m typing this, my soul is at peace and without a speck of worry thinking about the possible “losses” I could have made by choosing this path. Every decision is a new beginning anyway, and I am terribly eager to start/continue with whatever I’m doing right now and in the near future. I know my friends have made their own decisions too, and their path differs from mine, but I have convinced myself that as long as a person puts in effort, belief and a passionate investment in the path they are in, then success will surely follow.

With this, I end my post by wishing my friends & readers the best in what they (choose to) do in their lives, to always stay focused & motivated, as well as not forgetting to put happiness and love first. I will conclude a few quotes in hopes that they may be inspiring to the ones reading this. 🙂

Slowly, but surely“or “Slow progress is better than no progress
What will you die for, if not for something you love?”
There are endless possibilities for the eager & willing
If you do not like what you do, or feel stuck in a job you hate, the way out is always on the other side of fear
The door to opportunities is always open, it is up to you to recognize and walk through it
Help is everywhere. If you need help, ask… but ask intelligently

Post Scriptum: Your feedback on this post and my other posts are always welcomed.
Thanks for reading!

Nadira Shirlonna


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